Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fotos para ti

Some photos from the many journeys in a city as I try to uncover the beautiful past of the many people who stepped on the same concrete sidewalk 40 years before me. A place once forgotten now a place with a trickle of water that might turn into a river.

What once was a thriving st business and warehouse work is an empty st with empty space and signs outside all the windows that say "Film location call # "
further down the st under the beautiful high beams of the 6th st bridge is a man headed home he was carrying two bags of cans to recycle, my friend offered him an empty water bottle but he shook his head and said thank you he said in Spanish he only collected aluminum
This seemed like a good deal but to bad nobody was around with any oranges?

Below behind a wall of the 6th st bridge was a metal door in the wall of the bridge, it looked really crazy and creepy because inside you could tell it could lead to some underground world but it was too dark, I was not about to find out what was inside but definitely the trip of the day.

I was really hot and seeing the ice cream trucks did not help but I loved the art on them, this was an ice cream truck lay up on 7th st.

How cute is he
The best thing I seen that day! tell me why the bug looks like and old cholo?


Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome pics! I love the dapper dressed paleta and the cholo bug, that is super cool!

Anonymous said...

we need a nation wide squatter movimiento to occupy all those empty lots for the people. i think L.A. had something like this not to long ago.

Doña Junta said...

Chavo.. yes I love the paleta he is too cute! the cholo cucaracha will also teach anybody not to mess with drugs lol

Agustin thats interesting nationwide squatter movement!yaaa It sucks right now a lot of these older industrial places are turning into luxury lofts we can't afford so in this case this street is starting to feel like the last of a dying breed..Jobs in warehouses and factories do not exist anymore or gone overseas..I guess all they can do is rent to film companies(for now) it felt kind of weird walking down the street I did feel like I was on a movie set??