Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Echo Park Historic staircases!!

OK folks i am obsessed with old LA history and architecture its so fascinating anyhow i been really loving the old Echo Park staircases that run all around the areas hilly landscape they are mysterious to me anyhow I discovered the passion i had for them when I went to this little Mexican Cultural shop right off of Sunset right below Alvarado, anyhow I was looking for parking on Sunset no luck so I went up a little side street and found parking i was like dammit now i got to walk hella far all around but to my surprise i seen a huge long staircase leading directly down to the shop I was like OK cool didn't think too much of it but i liked how it looked, anyhow on the way back from the shop I asked my friend to photograph me on the staircase he did and I posted the pix on My Space everybody loved the pix and location flashback a few months I started noticing these old staircases not only around my historic town in San Pedro but more and more as I went to the Echo Park area it was kind of like a funny thing too my friends that i loved the old staircases now and the best thing was when I looked up Echo Park and found the Echo Park Historical Society and they had a section on the Echo park staircases!! i was like wow that's cool they even have a walking tour explaining the whole history i was amazed i quickey signed up for the next walking tour set for Nov 25 I am so excited!! ahahah one of my cool friends is going to nerd out with me and go so if you guys are interested in history of Echo park check out their website
Historic Echo Park
Provides a newsletter, walking tours and information about the history of Echo Park. [Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,]

they got a few other tours as well, I will post pictures later peace out!!


Doña Junta♥ said...

I missed the tour not good and I have not been able to get find the right date I did take the other tours they offer which were great but I still want to do the OG tour!

Doña Junta said...

I did take the tour and I have used the same route to work-out and take my friends as well I never forgot it after the first time.