Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good Things Come to an end

Well the other day I was headed to my local Big Lots to buy some cheap but cute Christmas decorations I went down to Lomita on PCH now to my surprise the store next door was going out of business the store is called Camelot Drugs now this neigborhood pharmacy been there close to 40 yrs its has the old friendly vibe that is lost with big name stores. and to me it was pretty sad that their doors were shutting down why? because its a an era of stores going extinct because the corporate drug stores taking over business, Across the st from this Camelot not to long ago a CVS and there is another CVS two blocks down so its obvious that could be one cause for them to shut their doors. I decided to go inside and was surprised to see EVERYTHING 60% to 70% off there was still plenty of stuff left i grabbed a few necessities and looked around , they actually had an old school looking pharmacy with checked floor and a friendly looking older lady with a white coat the pharmacy was located near the beer and drink isle which i guess makes sense lol they are actually set to close by end of the year if your interested in checking out an old classic close its doors and get a good price go before everything is gone

Camelot Drug (310) 325-1655 2159 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA
Get Directions www.mygnp.com/

read more on why the company went bankrupt


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carne asada said...

man thats caca de toro!!!my dad used to take me to the pic n save when i was a little kid,and when we were done we used go to camelot so he can buy me a pepsi after i'd cry for one. when i got older i used to go to the pic n save and jack shit...why do good things come to an end? youll be missed camelot. r.i.p pic n save too. ill drink one for you!