Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Wilmington landmark fotos

This fountain is really unique I have not seen one like this in year's most parks have the blue metal looking one so it was pretty awesome to still have one standing. I would not recommend drinking from it though there was lots of rust and water bugs lol but its still pretty neat.

Random Pysa Hole in the wall Bar

Ok this was kinda funny sorry I went to take the pix of the Wilmington town square sign and it a streak someone crossed it out and put SP I mean that was so random wtf lol

* The Don

Located in the downtown Wilmington area. The building has been widely accepted as a historic Wilmington locale by the city's natives. The bright green "THE DON" neon sign atop the brick building once welcomed visitors entering the city. Supporters of urban renewal have proposed the site for condo development.

Well I got friend's all over LA and beyond but you cant help loving the old grimy city of Wilmington Cali they keep it real and raw things have not really changed there over the years and if they have its been a slow process. My little old town of San Pedro is beautiful of course but a lot of the historical landmarks and buildings are being torn down or turned into lofts so the old time feel is slowly gone so today i will be posting some land mark Wilmas pix check it!

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