Sunday, February 24, 2008

Party at Charlie Chaplin's house?

Hey everybody, I just wanted to post about an awesome house party I went to last night in Glassell Park ,for those that don't know where that is ,it is a neighborhood district in Northeast Los Angeles right next door to Highland Park.
It was rumored to be Charlie Chaplin's original home at first I wondered about that since right now i am currently taking Film Appreciation and we had just finished having a small lecture in Charlie Chaplin I knew he didn't grow up there since he was born in London so I managed to find a small snippet on the web that does mention it....Chaplin Canyon

Famed as the original site location for the Hollywood Bowl, due to the incredible natural acoustics, Chaplin Canyon is a natural wildlife thoroughfare connecting the eastern side of Kite Hill down towards Isabel Street. This canyon also receives its name sake from the infamous Charlie Chaplin whose original home was on Isabel right below. He often enjoyed hiking and the natural tranquility of this unique area.

Chaplin Canyon borders Glenalbyn Drive and Vista Gloriosa. Chaplin Canyon also includes James, Cedar, Beech and Ulysses streets. With many of the large apartment complexes along Figueroa and Avenue 37, this is the closest open native green space for local residents.
Large amounts of Californian Black Walnuts, Toyon and other native species thrive here due to one of the Canyon’s north facing slopes. The natural grassland habitat is a prime area for raptors. One often sees sparrow hawks soaring from Chaplin Canyon up towards Kite Hill.

I was invited to the party by my friend Tony and his girlfriend Lena, I guess the birthday girl was a good friend of there's .So we head out, when we got to the hilly area we could already hear electro rock playing in the background mixed with an 80s beat.The house was really beautiful one level Spanish style overlooking the hills of Silver lake,Eagle rock and Highland park to the right of it. It was surrounded by lots of lush greenery trees, rocks and a nice pond the back yard was the best it was a two level grassy yard filled with foliage and trees as well. The house sat on a hill so you could see the rolling canyons below.The inside was magnificent beautiful restoration was done to it.The people were cool mostly scenesters, hipsters, glam types but it was all gravy I am down to mix with all crowds as a matter of fact the theme of the party was glam so go figure.The decor was excellent they had like a mini art show at the same time displaying art and photography and a projector on the wall with slide shows.The party was in the living room, kitchen /dining area and outdoor patio/baloney it was a rainy night so mostly every body stayed indoors or under the canopy on the balcony the rain kinda sucked because before entering the house they had wood piled up ready for a nice bon fire.In the dining area they had an excellent selection of chips, dips, popcorn , nuts, wraps, and candy that was pretty nice.Out under the canopy the drinks were being served up the specialty of the house was dirty martinis and vodka red bull that's it unless you brought your own drink of course.The balcony also had an awesome view of the city.The night was overall cool it got pretty crowded after a while and the bands weren't bad either, as for that being Charlie Chaplin's old house it probably was and that made the party just a little bit better.

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The party just started!

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These two chiks where very cool they go by Nylon Pink go check them on thier my space they host a weekly show chek link

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dips n chips


Tonan the Librarian said...

Damn,gurrl,Ya'll are pro!Good friend's ,fun party,awsome blog!

Anonymous said...

Ha some of those pictures is illin I'm diggin that Perl FDS rules on that chick's leg yes yes!!!

I wanna be a hipster, I want to be cool.


Joe said...

Very interesting. It is a shame that most people do not recognize that many homes and businesses throughout southern california have some sort of historical significance. Great pics!

B HIVE said...

Hello! You know its funny - ive been trying to find out who to contact about this space! I am an Event Producer and came across your blog... which is hilarious btw. Would you, by any chance, know of someone who has thrown events there or is connected with the space? Any lead would be extremely helpful, you have no idea.


dona junta said...

@ B Hive

I am not sure who was responsible for the space i was invited by the first commentor to this post "tonan the libarian" so your best bet is ask him, i can ask hi when i see him as well.

Benny Danger said...

I've been to a party there. Several years ago. I was wondering if you knew how to get in touch with the owners. I would like to rent it for a party. Thanks.