Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Secret Garden

While on the little downtown biking adventure we turn into a side entrance of the LA River right behind the Sears building there was nothing really outta the ordinary just the typical industrial business and graffiti everywhere but as we were leaving back out my friend noticed this little cutt behind one of the buildings it there was a pathway behind a broken down fence and someone even carved stairs into the sand like mud, so we posted up our bikes and followed the short path, to our surprise it lead to this secret bamboo garden it was amazing actually it was decorated very colorful with lots of garden ornaments and a path leading deeper behind the business. Although the gate was locked it was a very unique sight in the middle of a grimy part of the LA river.The funny thing was that a couple of graff writers hooked up a legal wall inside the secret garden so they too were part of the allure


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tonan said...

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