Sunday, March 30, 2008

Historic Core Walking tour

Historic Core is yet another awesome tour guided by the LA Conservancy, they told us to meet up at Pershing Square between 5th and 6th st and Olive st in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This tour was quite interesting being I been to the area quite often but again did not bother to notice some of the historic buildings I loved the new history I learned quite a lot and got to go into some cool buildings and other sites.
Someone got a cool crew spot on this building and this area kinda hot word!

(above) is the Baltimore Hotel (1923) Beaux Arts Architecture with Renaissance Revival , this is when you notice the building is divided in 3 sections with with opening in the middle, and the Renaissance ornaments. located 515 s Olive st.

Title Guarantee and Trust Building(1926) is an example of Art Deco style architecture with the Gothic, look lots of towers as well are a must with this style. 411 W 5th St.

Pacific Finance Building again in the Italian Renaissance Revival style
510 w 6th st

I had never really been around the Central Library so it was coo to see the architecture of it
630 w 5th st

Subway Terminal Building 417 S. Hill St
This Renaissance Revival style building is pretty interesting because little do allot of us know there used to be a subway in LA back in the days. The subway ran from downtown to San Fernando Valley and the West side according to the historical society in its prime time there was about 65.000 people passing beneath it daily. It was shut down for many decades until it was finally renovated in 2005 now called Metro 417 loft style apt and you all know that's not in our budget!

La Cita

Ok this is not really a historical landmark but it is right in the middle of the walking tour, and being I been there and its pretty cool, I thought I post the info.
Nice spot to chill at aside drinks!
is suppose to be cracken good music to dance too!
they got 2 bars, outdoor patio, small but banging dance floor
Fridays is Punky Reggae featuring part time punk DJ and members of the Dub Club
the rest of the nights its a Mexican music vibe and other stuff
(beware of hipsters though)
plus you gotta love the red color and the old school Mexican Chairs nice

336 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90013 Phone: (213) 687-7111

Cross Street
Third Street


Daily 10am-2am
La Cita MySpace you can add them

Grand Central Market 315 S Broadway
This land mark it has been open since 1917, it has over 50 vendors. I loved it inside lots of food and fresh produce, and since we all love swap meets around here it definitely gave me a good vibe

Million Dollar Theater
307 s Broadway
One of the first movie houses in the country

There is a few more sites to see I did not post but if you like to learn some history check out the La conservancy site for details.

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