Monday, April 14, 2008

LA Bridge Tour

As you all might know I been obsessed with LA walking historical tours, For my self I love hearing the history but I also love that I can jot down interesting spots to paint in the areas.
this weekend the LA Conservancy had the first annual Spanning History of the LA river Bridges. Basically the conservancy and Friends of LA River(FOLAR) set up different booths with educational material, activities and more at each bridge featured in the event. The first stop was the 6th st bridge which was one of my favorites because the tunnel going into the river, there they gave a brief history and talked about the molecular structure of the bridge, apparently its deteriorating from the inside out because silica was used with the cement when making the bridge therefore silica expands and is weak and in risk of falling apart.We also got to go through the tunnel into the river now with my painting I never really wanted to go into that tunnel at night its really creepy I only been mostly around it lol.
The second stop was 4th st bridge after a brief introduction to the history we got to meet Merrill Butler III grandson of the man who designed the bridges, his talk about his grandfather was very touching, It was a pleasure to meet family of someone who created such historical significance.There was also a set up from the movie industry and its meaning in the LA River,there was plenty of clips they were showing from the many movies filmed at the river, The man who filmed Grease was there but I had left before he came.The third stop was the First st bridge at that stop was many photos and display boards featuring the engineering of all the bridges as well as a brief history lesson. Last but not least we headed to the Seventh st Bridge which is really cool and interesting because it is actually a double Decker bridge, the first layer was built over to what it is today so it was pretty much extended upward.Here are a few pix I took Enjoy as well as link to LA Times article
6th st Bridge

4th st Bridge

7th st Bridge( double decker)

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