Sunday, May 18, 2008


California is a huge state, we sometimes forget there is life outside of Los Angeles and the surrounding cities. I took a few shots of random things in a couple of small desert towns about 3 hrs 30 min from Los Angeles.

This is in the town of Brawley Ca it is a nice quiet little town approximately 210 miles southeast of Los Angeles, 126 miles east of San Diego, and 30 miles north of Mexicali, Mexico. According to the city web page Brawley was incorporated in 1908. As I was walking around it was pretty dead and it seemed like the good mom and pop places to eat where closed on Saturday the bad thing was I forgot my camera so I had to borrow one so I was not able to get to many shots but when I go back I will be sure to take more.

This building below was nice and historical looking it looked like at one point it was a theater or a dance hall. I tried to find some history online but it was not much. I did find a site that said the theater was damaged in a 1979 earthquake and from the looks of it it seems like that was the last time it was used read more

120 N Plaza
Brawley CA

Foster's Freeze below is thee classic ice cream spot to got to, I found it right behind the old theater, with locations around California I got to say the banana ice cream shake is the best thing ever! Real banana chunks milk and ice cream very yummy...
Fosters Freeze
130 N 5th St , Brawley, CA
Phone - (760) 344-7566

for locations closer to home view

Calipatria Ca is located about 15 min from Brawley you can drive through it and not even realize it as much as I wanted to take tons of pics I was very limited sorry folks I will post more soon.

This place below was a trip it was a donut shop slash Mexican restaurant slash pizza place all in one if you notice the sign above the restaurant also says avenue arcade could there be an arcade in there as well?? only If I hadn't been lazy and stayed in the car darn I could of found out!
Donut Avenue
138 E. Main St.
Calipatria, CA 92233
(760) 348-2700

Caldo De Res y Tamales a su orden yum! by the way this is the desert okay and it gets to be like 110 degrees or more in the summer,now we all know that our lovely Mexican parents love to make Caldo De Res on the hottest day!! this fits perfect yessss!

Now this structure was across the street from the Mexican Donut/Pizza/Arcade place I guess they could not keep up with the competition..


Doña Junta♥ said...

It was about 115 when I was taking the lets go eat some caldo!

Tonan said...

Fuckin' rad!

womentree said...

Fosters Freeze targeted small towns over cities and urban areas in its development and expansion; it wanted to continue an image of small town feel where everyone walked and spent time at Fosters every afternoon. Good pics.