Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The words from the past

For me there is nothing like seeing an old graffiti landmarks, weather it's a faded tag, bomb or piece it's always cool to see something that has been running for years.

Below is a couple of bombs by Solo and Boots. this spot is not to old but that duo goes way back.I remember seeing them around Downtown LA as far back as 1996. That guy Solo had some pretty nice spots,but he was one of the first I noticed do fresh black fills and white boarders, it was pretty ill seeing that at the time. Even though these guys don't paint like they used to its cool to see old names pop up here and there.
Now Oiler Coi was already an old school legend when I got introduced. I remember seeing old oiler spots that were already faded like in 97.
Check out this Haven off the 710 signed 1993, now thats a true running landmark.I yet to find one from the 80s, but that would be definitely fresh!
Now aside tags by writers, I love tags from random normal people much like this one "Lil Martha"


Tonan said...

damn..."Boots".... that's a fresh name...nowadaze everyone writes names like"Aslanderex" or "Botonixer" or some shit.... :)

steph said...

love your blog on the graff, i love graff too n always see cool shit its the main shit i look for when driving. your RIGHT old shit is the coolest and you can always tell when it is too!

keep up the good work and keep me posted =0)