Monday, September 29, 2008

"We The Broke People"

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This Past Saturday was the music festival “We the People” at the Los Angeles State Historic Park between China Town and Lincoln Heights.

The line up was pretty good, some of the acts I seen, and some I had not seen ,but the $45 price kind of turned me off since I been pretty broke these days. The same deal was with my friends who also wanted to go but did not want to pay the price. I understand times are changing and not everything is free or cheap in life, plus artist need to get paid as well.

I don’t condone sneaking in ha! But a couple of friends and I was we went up North Broadway to see if we could ear hustle at the acts, to our surprise many other people thought the same thing!

There was an open lot with a hole in the fence overlooking one of the main stages, there where people hanging out on chairs and on the broken concrete slabs that maybe once was a parking space for something. People kept walking and riding up in groups it was interesting.

I wish we would have come sooner! We only caught two acts, one was Barrington Levy who rocked it, the other was Dilated Peoples, but I don’t really dig them as much as when they first came out on the scene.
It was a good time for free, I know it sounds cheap and bootleg but times are ruff.

There where tons of cops and security but nobody was
trippen they where deep because apparently a man got ran over and died on Broadway not to long before we got there , that is really sad and unfortunate.

The location was the shit though , a beautiful view of Downtown LA, I am sure they might cock block for a future event but it seems like a hassle to have them block off the top, I hope not!

Did anybody go to the event? how was it?

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EL CHAVO! said...

I'm glad you got in for free: the organizers that promised some tickets for LAEastside readers were not being honest and never sent them, and now they aren't writing me back. That's just scummy.