Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fin De Semana Art Show!! Sat June 20, 2009


Please join us as LoveGalo & Jun-Keez proudly present:


Art exhibit & photographic journal of an FDS Collaborative Piece Production

Featured artists
Envy, Krys, Kween, Opia,Perl, Secret, Suny, Swoe, Yikes

PhotographyEriberto Oriol

Music/Live Performance

DJ 215 aka Charles XThe Leeches (7PM)

When Saturday - June 20th, 20095PM - 9PM

Where Jun-Keez3908 Tweedy BoulevardSouth Gate, CA 90280

Info (323) 569-4020


GraffLuva said...
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GraffLuva said...

Dona Junta,

I have followed your blog for quite some time now. I found out about your site because of El Random Hero's blog. I have been wanting to comment on your blogs and have finally developed the nerve to actually comment and write something. LOL

Since I began reading your blogs, amongst others of course, I have been inspired by you to begin writing myself.

I set up an account earlier this month but unfortunately I have not posted anything on my site due to school and work limiting my time to even have time for myself. Being my first year in college it was way too overwhelming for me.

Well thanks to school being out I managed haveing some time and visited the art show you participated in last night and I was truly inspired.

Hope you don't mind me writing to you but it is surprisingly funny how I knew of "who" your were.

I gave my blackbook to MAKEONE to sign and he hit up your name "Dona Junta" and I just had to ask if you were there and who you were? I kinda knew you were there but had no clue who you were. He pointed you out in a room filled with people around you and knowing you were in the show I asked him what you had done for the show. He pointed to a wall filled with photos and stories by you.

I just want to say that I was sorta in awe with your doisplay. I liked how the short short stories and quotes tied in everything with the stories also told by each photo.

anyways, I jsut wanted to say that and I wanted to introduce myself to you but I was way too shy to even approach you. :-)

Have a great day and hope you visit my blog soon to see if i even write anything. LOL

Doña Junta said...

@ GraffLuva

Hey thanks for coming to the show and all the positive feedback, I really appreciate it =) I look forward to checking out your blog whenever you kick start it! You should of just said hello it would of been nice meeting you.