Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thinking about Mexico

I miss Mexico a whole bunch, and wish I could go back soon, but with this economic downturn makes it hard to afford to travel. I went for the first time to my family's home state in 2007 after 16 years. My first post on LA Eastside was about my trip to Mexico. Well I have not been to Zacatecas since, and been thinking about it. The next time around I would definitely make it better, and even document it better.
Here are a few more pictures I did not include in my first post.

Steak and shrimp at a more fancy place called "Resturant Campestre" it was beautiful and colorful. the dining area was outdoors with lush lawns and gardens surrounding it.

Birrieria Tepchi in Tlantelango Zacactecas is the spot for birria. The same owners also have a birria place in Wilmington. Here is a Review on LA Weekly about Birria Tepechi
Rooftops in Tepechitlan
Man-o- man eating fresh Pipian Mole made by the indios in the little village of Cicacalco was awesome!

La Villita at the house my mom grew up in. My grandfather still lives there alone with is many dogs and horses.
My grandfathers cute old kitchen

Relax time
My tia on her old wood stove. She has a regular stove now, but she still uses this for beans and cooking elotes.
It is hard to really see it when it is not erected, but I painted this sign for the rancho my fathers family is from. The reason I did was because the rancho was about 40 mins from the pueblo and at night or in the day it was really hard to find. I decided to contribute to the rancho by painting this sign. There were not many supplies so I had to work with what was around. Last I heard the local folk loved it. I also heard some punks shot bullet holes in it messing around lol (what jerks).

Zacatecas I miss you!


Li said...

Love these pictures and the sign is great. Thanks for posting.

chimatli said...

I'm thinking about making a short trip to Zacatecas just so I can buy some earrings!

Ricardo Gomez-Roji said...

Where exactly is this part of Zacatecas? My dad is from a nearby city called La Cañadas, interested to know, thanks -- Ric

loveandhatela said...

Oh man dads side of the family is from Zaca-tuercas lol, well a place close to Jerez.
I havent been in like over 10 yrs, i have a few distant cousins left there.
I liked the old colonial capital city of Zacatecas,Zacatecas.