Thursday, December 24, 2009

Salton Sea: An Awful Paradise I Love

I finally got a chance to go explore the Salton Sea yesterday with two of my good friends. For the past couple of years I have passed by the sea and always wanted to go in and explore the area.  I was never with the right people that would be down so I never got a chance to do so.
Yesterday we  packed up our truck and made our way on a three hour journey to paradise.

The Salton Sea used to be a place that was lively like Palm Springs or Lake Havasu. In the 1940's and 1950's it was the a popular spot for tourists until there started being problems with the water and salinity level. The Salton Sea is saltier then the ocean which caused problems with the fish that lived in the water. As time passed it started becoming more and more polluted.  The Salton Sea  literally was dying out. There are still many  spots to camp out and take an R.V but it is not the same as the glory days the Salton Sea once had. 
Read more about the Salton Sea here
When you get a chance please check out this documentary on the Salton Sea it is an inside look at what it once was and what it is today.

This was a magnificent find it was an abandoned house surrounded by tons of palm trees. It reminded me of something out of Gilligan's Island . The house was hidden in the cut it was a trip because it looked like whoever lived there just got up and left. The house was deteriorated but you could tell it used to be nice. It had a Mexican style adobe look to it. There were lots of windows which gave it tons of natural lighting. It had built in shelves and lots of details and ornamentation. I would have love to live in a house like this, but it makes you think what happened and why is it abandoned?

Everything outside the house  was covered with dead palm leaves.


This bathroom is filthy, but it has beautiful details.

Through out the whole trip we seen over a dozen abandoned houses or R.V's. I guess maybe there is no jobs in the area so people can survive or they are summer homes left forgotten. 


Boogie Man

I have tons of more photos so please go to my Flickr page and check them out!
I had fun exploring this area and we plan to go back since we ran out of day light this time. For updates on the next adventure keep posted to the blog.




MakeOne, The Love Man said...

Awesome pictures DJ. The one of that bus and the dead fist and the restroom are so dope. Giligan's island eh? I didn't even know you had a chance to watch that show.

There is also an excellent movie called the Salton Sea with Val Kilmer it is so freaking bad. You gotta watch it. Although it is not based on The Salton Sea itself it does have some thing to do with it.

check out the trailer. great cast too.

Anonymous said...

This trip was an adventure into No Man's Land. I had a great time girl! Let's plan our next trip :)

Anonymous said...

Great story!

Doña Junta said...

Thanks Everyone I guess i instantly fell in love with the place. I def look foward to exploring more!