Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crosswalk Stings: Fair or Unfair?


We all know Los Angeles has crazy drivers and we all been guilty of driving fucked up. I got to admit there has been many times when I tried to make a right turn and I get into the crosswalk forgetting there are people trying to cross sometimes. I feel bad and never do it on purpose or to be a punk to them.

I live on a busy street in Los Angeles and there is a brand new, brightly painted crosswalk to get to the other side. The other night I was trying to cross back to my apartment; I started slowly and made sure the right lane going west seen me; the cars slowed down for me, but the cars going east towards downtown were still going fast. This dark colored Mini Cooper type of car slowed down but fast and two cars behind him rear-ended him hard; I was still in the middle of the sidewalk when the Mini Cooper kept going forward after he got hit. I was like “what the fuck" not cool I almost got hit and for some idiots just going way to fast not trying to slow down. I don't wish bad upon people but they fucken deserved that shit I could of got killed just because they do not want to slow down.

Today on the morning news I had seen a series of police stings. An officer in plain clothes walks across a busy sidewalk much like my street and tries to cross. As they cross there are cops looking out on each side waiting to catch whoever does not stop for the undercover pedestrian. In the live shot today three cars did not yield and got snagged up.

Now I do not care much for police stings but man this one hit home because I almost got run over for some idiots so it was hella funny seeing them get pulled over boooo hoooo to them!

What do you think about this? Feedback much appreciated.
 Image from LA streetblogs


Danyel said...

Oooh, scary! We need to hook you up with some reflectors and flashing lights! ;)

El Random Hero said...

That shit happens to me all the time when I walk my doggies. No one slows down and I wait like 5 min to make sure no cars are coming, specially when it's at night because people are stupid. They deserve to get stopped and more. It's public safety. The other day on ch 34 they showed video of two sisters that got hit by a car at a cross walk and she took off. Fuck that man, the police needs a special unit to do this kind of stuff, or better ways for drivers to slow the fuck down. Serious.

blue demon said...

This happens to me all the time too. There've been so many times I've been close to getting run over when crossing the street by some asshole who's trying to turn into the street I'm walking across. I do a lot of walking, I'm not driving somewhere thats only a 10min walk away. I hate that if they do hit you most of them take off. You hear about it all the time on the news. There are so many hit & runs in this city. I'm glad the police are doing something about it.