Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Classic San Pedro Liquor Stores Part II

Pedro Liquor stores part two! straight from My Space collecting dust!. In this series I focus on four places significant to 14th st in Pedro were I grew up, if you been reading " Tales from 14th Street" then you might know a thing or two...Check out the history and comment please if you are from Pedro, or if you didn't already on the crack space...

South Pacific Market, est 1985 

 This spot is not historically that old, but it was the go to spot as a kid. I grew up a few blocks down it was my spot for lemonheads,tamarindo,chips, soda etc.Before I was able to ride my bike over there by my self my older brothers ventured that place because it had a back room with arcade machines the hot shit in mid 80s they used to smash pennies to quarter size and play games all day that was before they caught on. The original owner still stands today,and he never installed bullet proof glass even though the area was never great.Now the arcade disappeared, and our childhood memories with it. This spot closes early like 9pm or 10pm.

1330 S Pacific Ave Ste C
San Pedro, CA 90731  
(310) 832-5956 

Christy's Donuts, est 1985 

 I had to throw in this spot Christy's Donuts right next to South Pacific Market not only did they have yummy donuts, and ice cream (still do) but hands down it was the spot to get the orange bang! I mentioned this on my first " Tales from 14th Street" not to  mention the chisme spot for all the moms in the morning. I found out that Christy's was actually the daughter of the original owner its a long crazy story I can't remember, but when I do I will post it if I do. 

1330 S Pacific Ave
San Pedro, CA 90731  
(310) 833-7649 

 Centre Market aka Dona Maria's, structure built 1937 
Center st market was another childhood gem. I clearly recall always buying orange big sticks, these little ice cream cups that came with a wooden pallet, strawberry shortcake bars and for sure the Lucas with saladitos always a must. There is also a carneceria.This place closes pretty early around 5 or 6 and it has a new owner,but for about 30 years it was owned by a  lady named Doña  Maria  you gotta love that!

I just read this spot is for sale!

1605 S Centre St
San Pedro, CA 90731
 (310) 832-5873 

City Hall Market, structure redone 1912 after slight fire damage. 

City Hall Market located on the corner of Palos Verdes and 11th st, this spot has a lot of history. At one point it was actually the first City Hall building from 1905 to 1908.

Now it has the market and right behind it is the city's oldest bar the Alhambra bar it is also said underneath the Alhambra the old jail still is intact.
As for the store they actually lost their liquor license a while back I am guessing because the area used to be heavily pron to violence and was drug infested. Back in the 90s people used to say they slanged from there, but who knows.
The owner is also fairly new so he didn't know much, inside they have slushy machines that been there since I was a kid and about 6 to 8 selections of scoop ice cream.It looked like it also used to house a deli at one point as well.

1043 S Palos Verdes St
San Pedro, CA 90731 
(310) 548-1171

So that is the end of my old posts from My Space, I will definitely get the other stores that are significant in Pedro up and running on the blog. All comments appreciated. 




Tonan the Librarian said...

That pick you took of the Center St. market makes me wanna eat breakfast potatoes...That is THEE go to spot fer breakfast fixins...A 'lil F.Y.I.....Back in '98 -'99 I did indeed score weed from the dude behind the counter at the City Hall Market.....It was pretty dried out as I recall...( I thought the mayor would have had better taste.). Sweet post Dona Esteacher...

Patty said...

City Hall Market. I am doing some digging into my ancestry. I wondering if the market had an owner by the first name of Alex in the 1930's and a green grocer by the name of Henry Chew.