Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From Ramen to Barbecue Chicken

Ramen is one of those foods that sometimes gets a bad reputation. If you tell someone that you are going to eat ramen they might automatically think Maruchan or Top Ramen which is basically what you eat when you're broke and have nothing else. Ramen is also the token food in jails and prisons all over the country. You would not believe how creative these fellas can get making what they call " spreads" out of ramen and other basic ingredients.
Because of that reason I had never really been allured by ramen eateries or knew much about them. Within a year or so I started getting introduced to some really awesome ramen places. My first time at Daikokuya I was hooked! and have been back several times to eat their ramen.
I have waited up to an hour just to get seated, and believe me on weekends this place gets packed!
I also enjoyed ramen from Orochon which is great too because you can choose your spice level, and add extra trimmings. If you get the HOTTEST level then your photo will be put on the wall, the challenge can be unbearable though.
This week I was taken to a new ramen spot by comadre Doña Licha called, " Gardena Ramen"
I was very interested in trying the ramen here because it was somewhere outside of Little Tokyo. I have been spoiled by the regular spots and it was exciting to try something new.
The place was empty when we got there, to me that do not necessarily mean it was unpopular or not good in fact I see it as a good thing no waiting this place also still had that mom n pop mystic to it. A sweet, older Japanese women greeted us in, there is no physical menu only papers on the wall with the menu handwritten in English and Japanese. Only ramen and goyza are served here either Miso or Shoyu flavor broth.

Excuse the photos I had to take them with my cell phone because I forgot my camera.

I ordered the Miso base and you have a choice of a small bowl or large bowl,  I like that because most times I can not finish off  those huge bowls that some places have. As you wait  for your food you can check out the library of Japanese comics and books they have for all to read I never really seen that at a resturant, so that was interesting. Once we got our ramen it was time to dig in! The broth was familiar and creamy, it had lots of pork and half and egg with plenty of green onions how I like it.  The goyza were okay,  I like them a little more crisper myself. They also serve Asahi and Sapporo beer. Prices are very reasonable,ramen is about $ 6.50 for small bowl and Goyza $ 3.50. I give it four out of five in yumness! 

1840 W 182nd St
Torrance, CA 90504
Neighborhood: Torrance
(310) 324-6993

Staying at home

 Hey for those times you just can't afford to eat out why not cook at home? That is another passion I had since I was younger. I always watched Food Network looking for new recipes. My roommate and I can make some good food if we feel like it. Here is dinner this week. 

This was a recipe I got from Food Network which is Roasted Sausage and Bell Peppers I really enjoyed this one.

This was " Suny's"  BBQ Chicken" with potato wedges alongside it. 

This was Milanesa meat marinated in Worcester sauce with garlic, pepper, and onions.
Add some rice and you got s real " Man's" meal lol




Anonymous said...

dinner was proper!!! thanx girls, and for sure will stop by the ramen spot when ever im in that side of town.
"charmski one"

Danyel said...

Mmmm...I love Orochon! xxd

MakeOne, The Love Man said...

Great post - Daikokuya definitely sits on the throne. And I don't think it will ever be dethroned. I like Orochon Ramen, the style is different, from different region of Japan.

The dinner cooking looks bombay....much of what I heard the pictures justify the raving...

hope next time i get to tag along

Anonymous said...

daikoku-ya is definitely king when it comes to tonkotsu ramen. that rich, flavorful broth is to die for.

if you're a fan of ramen, be sure to check out these ramen-ya :

tamaya ramen - hacienda heights.
hakata ramen shinsengumi - gardena.
santouka ramen - torrance.

@ hakata ramen, you can customise your ramen to your liking. from the richness of the broth, right down to the firmness of the noodles.