Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paintography: Featuring Works by Tonan

This Saturday, April 9, 2011, please support WECAN in another notable exhibition featuring many talented artists including my comrade Swoe FDS. This show will feature the unique, morphed photographs of L.A landscapes through the eyes of Swoe. 

Strapped with a point-and-shoot digital camera Swoe does not need any fancy gear to get that right image. Swoe has a keen eye for photography and can manipulate his images into one of a kind creations. 

When I asked Swoe what inspires him to take photos he said, it brings him happiness. However, it is also for the same reason graffiti writers paint spots; because of that relationship that one has with a part of the city. When a writer paints a spot they own that spot for that moment, that part of the city is theirs  when they look back at their painting they feel good. The same things goes for photography you get to document something and share it with everyone to see. 

The images that capture Swoe's attention are mostly buildings and of course people. Buildings can range from skyscrapers to old decrypted buildings. The mere angles dimensions and perspectives of these buildings are an intriguing part of his photos. The majority of his photos, he describes, are taken while driving which makes it that much more exciting. When it comes to shooting images of people he prefers capturing people in their natural state. 

His theory for those that enjoy photography but do not have the means for expensive equipment is that it should never cost much to get creative. Everybody can make  the most out of what they have. It is almost like a  badge of honor when you accomplish  something for nothing...

Legs That Dangle

4th street in full color-Boyle Heights 

                      Ghost Corner

Check out his photographs and the rest of the talented artists in paintography. 
 Here is the info for event.


The exhibition will open April 9, 2011 during LONG BEACH DOWNTOWN ART WALK and will be a collaboration with AMC Gallery at Phantom Galleries LB. It will exhibit single art pieces by multiple artist and media, and will be surrounding the theme "Paintography." Each artists will adress through their art what is Paintography or what it means to them or how it inspired thier work.

Featured Artists:

Edith Bogarin
Anthony Castro
Jimmy Centeno
Swoe  FDS
Armando Cortes
Gail Forde
Francisco Martinez
Wesley Pacleb
Gloria Sanchez
Emilio Venegas

WECAN (Wilmington Enrichment Community Artist Network) promotes and supports the arts in Wilmington and the greater Los Angeles area through art exhibitions, performances, cultural events, and workshops.Based in the “Heart of the Harbor” we are a collective dedicated to providing and inspiring others to create and engage within the community through art. By creating a platform for engagement, we hope to spark interest in others throughout our area.

Art, Music & Culture (A.M.C.)
Phantom Galleries LB

NOTE: During this exhibition music will be played in the front and back of our gallery simultaneously there is going to be so much going on that day! THIS WILL BE AMC GALLERY'S LAST SHOW AT THIS SPACE!!! SO COME OUT AND SUPPORT!!! 

"Yeah that's my gallery...but just got the news... since gov Brown eliminated RDA funding...that will be my last show as I will be needing to vacate the space the next day...hope to see you! Pass the word! thanks! Lets show them what they are going to miss out, ART, MUSIC & CULTURE!!!" -Efren Luna

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