Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where have I been?

Good question, well not blogging latey. As many of you may know or  maybe not know I am still an undergraduate student.  I been  very busy carrying on a full-load of classes and working full-time. I miss my dear blog and going off on new adventures, but of course I have to prioritize. I will be blogging more in the next few weeks because I will have a bit more time. For now, I am mostly reading books and not blogs! go figure.  This weekend I will be reading 5 chapters of an older book called, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser which is a book written about the rise of the fast food industry and as he desribes "The dark side". In addition, instead of reading the fun and disgusting facts I have to somehow incorporte Schlosser's ( sort of theory) and compare it to Max Weber's theory of rationlization. As most Modern theory classes I have to seek the real meaning of what the writer is saying not just the basic premise. Anyhow I just though I would update you all a bit on my whereabouts.

Be back soon!

Dona Junta

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