Saturday, January 14, 2012

News Updates

The Harbor Area has been plagued with rumors about a serial killer after the murder of Cristy Alvarez last week.  According to authorities, the rumors are false and Cristy's murder was the only recent incident in that area. However, there is still worry in the air because her killer is still on the loose. Last night I went to her memorial sight to leave a candle and it really was an eerie feeling. I just wanted to pay my respects even thought I did not personally know who she was. Her murder sparked me interest and concern in the community and people are coming together to mourn and help the family. Today there will be a fundraiser for her family at a private residence in Wilmington and tomorrow there will be a peace walk  with the community and the Brown Berets from her memorial site to Banning Park. 

Fundraiser today January, 14 2012

Cristy Alvarez found near train tracks on L Street and Hyatt

The only other confirmed murder was in San Pedro when Eva Tice was stabbed on Christmas Eve on her way back from

I hope these ladies rest in peace

In other news yesterday was the 44 year anniversary of Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues" Geesh how time flies but in order to honor that rare moment here is Johnny. More on this story here

I also have to start a new book I promised to read like  years ago I pulled it out of my bookcase 

so its a start.

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