Friday, January 27, 2012

TV Cafe is Closing Forever

Well it is official the old TV Cafe will be closing it's doors this Sunday at midnight. The cafe opened its doors in 1987 and maintained a very retro 1950s facade. The exterior had various hand painted signs and a giant hamburger,drink and fries on the roof. The menu had everything from hamburgers to tacos, malted shakes and slices of pie. There were  lots of old fashioned looking booths with tons of frames and memorabilia showing celebs and national events. A variety of old video game machines and ping pong machines adorned the back room.Today's this place could seem a bit cheesy, but as a history lover I enjoy these types of places. I can't say I was a regular, but I been their many times to get a drink or a late night plate. 

TV Cafe in its prime photo courtesy of their Face Book page
I stopped in last night just to say bye and eat some fries.... 

Lone interior, but it was like 2 a.m.
Can't go wrong with French fries sprinkled with pepper

Waffles with buttery love

Not sure why there is a sign for Carnitas Michoacan on their property but I am guessing the owners are either friends or the same owner???
If you want to grab a bite before they shut their doors the last day is Sunday, January 29, 2012 @ midnight. They are also selling everything in the building because it will be torn down. 



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