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Jay Novello: Mr. Meriweather!

Who remembers Mr. Meriweather on the The Seance episode of I Love Lucy? I loved his characters when he appeared on the show. He came mind yesterday while I was watching  "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" in class. When actor/director John Waters came on I kept trying to figure out who he resembled. At night I remembered that John Waters looked like Mr Meriweather! Of course I had to do some research on him because his persona on the screen was great. Something about his frail-like eccentric character was captivating. 
After some research I found out the Mr. Meriweather was played by Italian American actor Jay Novello. Jay was actually born Micheal Romano in Chicago in 1904 to Italian immigrants. He had quite an impressive acting career in television and film. Here is his profile on IMDB

"The Seance" with Mr. Meriweather 
Jay Novello (photo from Great Old Movies Blog)
John Waters 
 Can you see the resemblance? 

Jay Novello as Mr. Beecher in "The Sublease"
Other memorial characters  enjoyed were Mr. Hickox played by Charles Lane and Mr Littlefield  played by Gale Gordan

– Staten Island Ferry (1956) … Passport Clerk
– The Business Manager (1954) … Mr. Hickox
– Lucy Tells the Truth (1953) … Casting Director
– Lucy Goes to the Hospital (1953) … Mr. Stanley

Mr. Alvin Littlefield / Mr. Littlefield

– Ricky Asks for a Raise (1952) … Mr. Littlefield
– Lucy's Schedule (1952) … Mr. Alvin Littlefield

Anyhow, I know am not the only one who likes these classic characters! is there any from I love Lucy you loved or even  hated? 

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William said...

I wonder how Waters would feel about being compared to Novello -- and vice versa, LOL! Anyway, great post. Sorry it took me awhile to check it out. Thank you, William.