Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Heart of the Harbor is Beating

A walk down a familiar street....Avalon Boulevard in Wilmington, each time I walk this street I spot something I did not notice before. Enjoy the walk.

Ticket booth at old Granada Theater now a church 

C & C Liquor with an apartment on top possibly the owners place 
The signage is pretty 1960s 1970s 
Lobo taking a bath! he used to live behind Slanguage but he moved to a different bar

Fonts from the hood
Doorway one
The last pay phone on earth 
They don't even want to advertise here
Graphic Design studio been here since the 70s.....nice doorway too
A peek into Amelia's Dance Club..They even got a disco ball
Engine blocks made into sculptures 

Thank you for hanging in there more city beauty to come