Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blogging 2015

I started blogging on here in 2007, oh how time flies. I slowed down like four years ago I would say due to more use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I think microblogging took over and less people looked to blogs. It's not necessarily a good thing, it just gets readers lazy. I want to come back to blogging and devote at least one blog post a month. I know I can do it I just need the drive again. I have ideas flowing in my head and its time to let them out.

Thanks Friends!


EL CHAVO! said...

Do it! Your posts were some of the best. Facebook is some weird immediate gratification but it's like a crappy sweet donut that you regret soon afterwards. Posting on your own terms is much more delectable! Looking forward to your comeback!

Doña Junta said...

I wish I had that comeback! I did not, but hey its never too late. I have to say I miss a lot of the old blogging especially LA Eastside and the gang. It is one year later and I will see if I can try again lol

Thank you! you were very inspirational as a blogger as well =)