Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anaheim Drive-In Dairy

Nothing like the nostalgia of drive-in dairy, the look and aura of a dairy takes one back to the days when life was slower paced. Weather you lived it or are young with an old soul like me ,its always nice to see old landmarks still alive.

The Anaheim Drive -In Dairy is located in Wilmington, Ca.I talked to the man who owned it he said he has only had it like 8 years but it has been in that location over 30 years. He also told me you can't really get permits to run the drive-in type dairy's nowadays. It was pretty cool because you can just drive in grab what you need and be out, it is very convenient if you are on the run.
The signs on the building are all original as well. It is kind of interesting that back 30 or 40 years ago things like Milk, eggs seemed advertised as important even to the point where milk was actually delivered to our homes. This staple food is still usually a must in most refrigerators (unless your into soy or Vegan), but since we have tons of choices on the way we eat the way of 30 or 40 years ago is pretty obsolete. I did notice beer seemed to stay forever popular according to the sign advertising "Cold Beer" I am sure that will never change!. The price of milk is pretty scary at $5.89 seems like its competing with the price of gas! but then again now a days most people don't go to these dairies for milk ,but for things like booze and cigarettes.
I found a related article about the decline of Drive in Dairy in the LA Times

(below) I spotted this junkyard while walking in Wilmington over the PCH st corridor. Since the street is elevated one could down into the train yard, I quickly spotted this untouched junk yard full with cars from like the 50s and 60s, it was a rusted car burial ground;could it be maybe one of these cars once drove into the Anaheim Dairy to pick up some Milk and eggs for breakfast?

(Below) Is Joe's Drive in Liqour, now it do not have access to drive in like the dairy so I am not sure why they named it that. False advertising I say! and it also does not have a deli, I did a whole series of photos of Classic Liquor store /deli's in San Pedro a while back on my Liquor store blog on My Space if you like or my friend check it out.


Jenn said...

I really enjoyed this post...i had a smile from ear to ear...this is my old stomping grounds lol for your next post you should do it on the bath house right next door!! lol

Anonymous said...

i like these. in Salinas, my old hometown, they just closed the drive in. as a side note, in mexico, michoacan, i saw quite a lot of drive ins, but they did not sold dairy, they sell beer/liquor. so you can order a michelada and go on your way. i really dont like this, i think there's enough drunk drivers in the world as it is. i rather have icecream.

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