Sunday, June 8, 2008


On my way to a friends house in South Central I passed through so much awesome signage. Being that I was alone and on a time limit I was only able to take the pictures while at stops or red lights lol.

I really wish I would of got the whole building but we had to move, check out this bar sign in South central do you all want to go get a drink sometime? lol the girls are waiting!

Now I do not understand why in the world they would have this place on Central and 72th? ...hehehe by the way this picture was taken through my dirty ass windshield!

Sometimes there are Spanish words that just tickle my funny bone, I don't know why they just sound funny to me compared to English, here is one of them "Alfombras" which is Spanish for "Carpet" and check out the mattress store next door ahahahha it says " Colchones" thats another one that makes me bust up! lol. What Spanish words make you laugh? or is that mean of me to ask?


EL CHAVO! said...

Check out Notoriouslig's post on fun words to say, I'm a fan of chapucero.

Doña Junta♥ said...

Pinche Chapucero! lol jk
other words I love to laugh at
Los Yonix
there is more but I cant seem to think i ll remember later =)


Nancy said...

hahahaha!! thats shit is funny

Anonymous said...

Heres one "YONKE" Saying it and spelling it is funny. Im also a fan of chucheria but i dont know if Im spelling it right. It means junkfood.

Anonymous said...

I really like when you have words in Spanish and you translate it in English...this is a good way for me to learn some Spanish. Thumbs up!!

Anonymous said...

chingadera & babosadas have to be some of my favs. Love me that chapucero! Used it alot back in the day.