Monday, July 28, 2008

Anti-illegal-immigration group taunting immigrants?

"An anti-illegal-immigration group's Adopt-a-Highway sign was re-posted this week on Interstate 5 near the Border Patrol checkpoint in San Clemente after a federal judge ruled that it did not pose a danger to the public.

State transit officials had moved the San Diego Minutemen's sign to a less-busy highway in eastern San Diego County, saying they were concerned that it would become a gathering place for protesters and clog the busy interstate"
By molly.hennessy-fiske

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In a recent LA Times article it says that the Minutemen contributed to the adopt a highway program in exchange for a freeway sign bearing their name. Now I know I am going to be biased when it comes to this issue being that I am Mexican and my parents came here illegally, but it just seems that the Minutemen are turning a good cause like donating money to keep the highway clean to taunt illegal immigrants with some ridicules sign; especially in the San Diego area of all places, why didn't they adopt somewhere else? why in that location?
because it is near the boarder? of course. Now the"so"called illegal immigrants can see the sign and know they are not welcomed.
I really hope their stupid ass sign gets tagged on because to me that is a slap in the face!
donate for a good cause somewhere else!
I know this is a one minded point of view and I agree with donating for a good cause but there is an evil intent behind this don't you think?


El Random Hero said...

that's basically the minute mens motif. They do what ever they can to get a rise out of people through legal channels, such as adopting that highway. In the eyes of the state, they are no different than a sowing circle, as long as they don't break any laws. I say let them get attention by doing trifle and immature things. in the end they only end up making themselves look bad. All they are doing is trying to attract attention to themselves because any publicity is good publicity. And it worked right ? They grab the medias attention and they managed to get a rise out of you. I know how you feel more than anyone, but you have to pick and chose your battles. There's no point in arguing or even acknowledging the minute men because they're a bunch or retired americans who don't have anything better to do. They lived their lives and now they are looking to give their lives some meaning. Either way, I got your back homes.

zeezil said...

Illegal aliens have a unique, gangster-style vision of the American Dream. In their corrupt minds, they think it makes perfect sense, both logically and morally, to ignore America's borders, immigration laws, and income tax laws in order to pursue a far greater objective. They f eel entitled to pursue their own personal enrichment at the expense of the American citizen, worker and taxpayer.

The Minutemen have a right to sponser a sign anywhere they want. It is also my understanding that the location was assigned by a lottery, and groups couldn't specifically pick locations. Furthermore, the Minutemen are out on roadeways picking up trash and improving the environment. The refuse, I'm sure, was contributed to by illegals dumping their trash around. Need any verification as to how illegal aliens treat our border areas druing their crossings from Mexico? Just check newsreports and pictures of the crossing and layup areas. I don't see any illegal alien support groups out there picking up the tons of garbage dumped by their homies.

Anonymous said...

let the put those signs up, i am sure some graffiti artist will bomb them sooner or later.

and for zeesil, your anger is apparent. i wonder where you find such hate towards people who in comparison to you (i assume you are a US citizen) are at a great disadvantage. i recommend you learn some history and understanding of global economy to put migration in a more critical perspective.

tin from

Hadley said...

I am against anything that serves to divide the human race who were born united by virtue of being human and sharing a planet, but especially these ignorant hatebreeders.

I wouldn't wanna live in their soulless vision of California. How much is it to adopt a highway by the way? I got 5 on it!