Saturday, July 26, 2008

Signs of Old Times

My father worked over at Terminal Island for about 30 yrs and I remember he used to park in the " 920 Barracuda st" parking lot as displayed on this rusty decaying sign. After the Star-Kist cannery closed down and most cannery jobs went overseas, the lot stood empty for many years until Del Monte took over operations, as you see now there is smaller newer sign displaying the street name. I still love the old sign of course and I am glad they kept it around.

This sign is for my comadre
Doña Licha
located on 7th and Santa Fe

I saw her name and had to take a picture for her. I think the place closed down I am not to sure, if anybody has eaten there how is it?

Update Update I found an awesome photo page displayimg pictures of Licha's Santa Fe grill. It also has pictures of the inside! look here Licha's


EL CHAVO! said...

I had an uncle that spent a lot of time on Terminal Island, and lets just say he wasn't an employee! ;)

It's funny cuz I just started reading the book "The Road to Los Angeles" by John Fante and it mentions those canneries.

Doña Junta♥ said...

Ha The Feds got him I assume! Al Capone was In that facility as well I always forget that place is there still.
yeah there is a lot of history regarding those canneries maybe one day I write a detailed post about them.

chimatli said...

I have another Licha's reference for your friend. Here in LH, we have a Licha's flower shop:
Here's a video of the shop in the LH Xmas parade:

Dona Junta said...

THanks Chimatli!