Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was rummaging though some old school paper's of mine from back in 11th grade and I found several poems I wrote for this creative writing class. It is very interesting to read all the old thought's I had as a 17 yr old.

" Corruption"

County lines and welfare checks

Ghetto lands with no respect

Drugs thrown on the city

Billboards demanding alcohol with no pity

Schools that destroy instead of teach

The scandals, the imaginary lines of color race

Insulation, rich away from poor

They want us down underground

Away from view of the bitter corruption of society

Nobody's equal,rich and poor will never mix in the pot we call America

The land of the free with plenty of food and honey

Open your eyes and see reality


chimatli said...

That's some pretty deep stuff for high school. Nice to see you were thinking and analyzing life and society even at a young age.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a radical young xicana! i often wonder what makes teens at this age see the world through a more mature lense, instead of just thinking mall and celebrities.


tin from

Doña Junta♥ said...

Yes it's kind of a trip I do remember around 9th grade my friend told me to read "Behold a Pale Horse" and that kind of got me started questioning the world around me...

El Random Hero said...

I do the same thing and realize how much of a dork and loser I was. I cannot believe the stuff I use to write and think back then. It's a complete difference from the person I am today. Cool poem though : D

Doña Junta said...


Share your stuff I am sure it be intresting!
I will prob post a few more later some are too funny though..

jenn said...

excellent poem...did you get an A in class lol

Anonymous said...
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