Sunday, July 13, 2008

Desierto update!

A few months back I posted about the desert town of Calipatria, Ca I showed a few photos about this donut shop/ pizza place/ Mexican restaurant but it was named Avenue Arcade, I did not go in that time and I was wondering if It had an Arcade as well. This weekend I went back to the town and actually went into the place to get coffee and to my surprise there really was an arcade!

They took it way back with these arcade machines too funny this had to be at least mid 80's or earlier right? If anybody knows please tell =)

There where various other games as well

At first I though the prices displayed on here where like in Mexican money denomination but I quickly seen the token game next to it to get the prizes.
It was a total mix of everything in that place, I guess in isolated desert towns that is how they do things.


Random Hero said...

I recognize all those games because I use to be enslaved by them back in jr. high and in high school. They all vary but they're from the early '90s to 2000. I loved playing those games.

Doña Junta♥ said...

Really Random Hero ;lol
They really look hella old school hahaha I would imagine it would be the 80s at least I only really seen the typical big arcades but ono thanks

la rebelde said...

I think I remember playing games that look like that in the early '80s at the rollerskating rink--they may have been made before that though. The shape of the machines looks like those white robot dudes from the old Star Wars movies. How cool that they still have them! Did you get to play any of them?