Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fourth of July

So what does everybody's fourth of July weekend look like?
Well for me I will be heading up North with family.I usually spend the fourth at my older brothers house here in LA County, but this year I decided to road trip it.

I am staying with other family in Soquel it is a nice little town about ten minutes away from Santa Cruz.
Hopfully we can catch a cool fireworks show, and roam around the city.

We will also head out to San Francisico for a day or so to check out the scene over there.
Can you believe I never been to Alcatraz, well I haven't and the last time I went up about a year ago the tour was booked.
I read a really awesome book by a Chicano man still alive who actually spent time in Alcatraz when it was still an operating prison, it is called

"To Alcatraz, Death Row, and Back"
Memories of an East LA Outlaw
By Ernie Lopez and Rafael Perez Torres
Check it out, it is a really good read with so much history of LA as well.

I really hope everybody has a safe and fun weekend.I will try and take some cool pictures to share when I come back!


Dona Junta


chirpina chirpin said...

gurl im hoping to get caught up in the battlezone wargrounds of echo park
shit gets grimey there son!
lol! ;0

Anonymous said...

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notoriouslig said...

Crashing a party at my own house, first year I can make it! Dodgers out of town, so going to have to go to the other hill and watch the locals light El Sereno up.

Anonymous said...

have fun with the family. i know soquel, beautiful place.

tin from

chimatli said...

I love your book recommendations. Please keep 'em coming!