Monday, July 7, 2008

My eyes are tired

So I am back in LA after the long, long 6 hour drive from up north; traffic was light since we left late around 7:30pm, I ended getting home at 2am.
I was barley drooling in my sleep when the alarm went off at 6am to get up for work, (you know the feeling) that tired feeling is the most horrible feeling in the world! plus to top it off it is Monday not my favorite day of the week I know the the millions of people working Monday thru Friday agree with me on that womp womp womp!
So I am debating if I should still go to the gym after work since I ate like a mad man the whole weekend or go take a nap?

I figure if I take a nap I will do nothing productive since I probably won't wake up till like 9pm then have to go back to sleep. If I go to the gym I will feel a bit better but dread the tiredness we'll see.
I got alot to work on this week new posts on here and
LA Eastside, lucky for me no summer school this semester! yesssss

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Dona Junta said...

I did not get to make it to Alcatraz too many darn tourists lol
maybe one day