Sunday, August 17, 2008


This quaint little Thai food place located in Echo Park was quite tasty.
In my many adventures in LA I usually stop for Thai food in Hollywood of course in it's home base Thai Town, but I really enjoyed the food in a less congested part of Sunset.

The place was very friendly, it was a nice size with a small outdoor patio overlooking the parking lot on to Sunset.
I started off of course with a Thai tea my favorite, I drank this tea many times and sometimes it can taste better then others this one was perfect very creamy and yummy.
For the main course I decided to stick to the classics since it was my first time there so I ordered Coconut soup with shrimp,mushrooms,ginger and lemon grass.
The food came with good timing,the soup came in the steamy classic pot burning ready to reach my hungry tummy.
I had this soup many times at most of the Thai places I gone to but this one sure hit the spot, this was actually the first time I had it with shrimp though and they didn't cheap out on the shrimp either so that made it that much better.
Thai tea

Coconut soup with shrimp

My friend decided to get the chicken Pad Thai which is another classic dish, it was equally good and was quite filling, I like adding the peanut bits they provide and red pepper flakes.
Overall this place is nice, the prices are average not expensive somewhere around $8.00 to $10.00 for the popular dishes.
Like any Thai place should be the portions are big enough to share, you might even have left overs to take home for lunch the next day!

2202 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026


El Random Hero said...

por que no invitas cabrona

Anonymous said...

I love Thai iced tea. It's so tasty! Reading this blog made me thirsty...

Dona Junta said...

porque estavas in pinche Utah guey aya de bofo! lol

la rebelde said...

I love that coconut soup! It's the best thing when you've got a cold...or when you're well too.

mo said...

Mexican restaurants is what my palate misses the most about L.A. Second is the Thai food. Thanks for those delicious pics!