Monday, September 1, 2008

Tacos Don Chon

There are plenty of blog sites with recommendations for a great taco,but I just thought I recognize this Taquero since he came to my job to cater our quarterly luncheon.
Working for a Japanese company with management being mostly vegans and vegetarians it was a surprise they brought down the taco guy better known as "Tacos Don Chon"
Tacos Don Chon caters to company events or big parandas at your home, I didn't ask if they actually post up somewhere but maybe I should of?
The taco fillings consisted of carne asada, papas y chorizo, and chicken, they even grilled zucchinis, onions and Jalapeños. They also provided frijoles de la olla, guacamole, rice, nopalitos and the usual taco trimmings. The business consisted of the Cruz family of four, with the kids helping Don Chon and his wife out.
I asked for their card it read, they also have DJ hook-ups if you need one and even chair, table and jumper rentals!

Don Chon and his wife

getting the veggies and chicken prepared

Rice, Nopalitos, guacamole, and the works

serve them up!
The tacos where really tasty,I got one of each my favorite was the asada and the chicken it was definitely juicy and flavorful the added touch of grilled onions is always a plus for me.

Asada. Chorizo.Pollo
For prices and more info hit them up

Tacos Don Chon
Asuncion Cruz (323) 563-0219
Bianca Cruz (English) (323) 559-1669


Jenn said...

GREAT POST!! I wasn't there that day to enjoy the festivities. The food looks very tasty. why didn't you save me a plate?? lol

El Random Hero said...

damn malandrina you sure do eat a lot lol

mo said...

My mouth is watering all over the keyboard. (Not sure why I said that- I just grossed myself out!)
Looks buenisimo! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yummm - that looks so good.