Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dia De Los Muertos Alter

My Dia De Los Muertos alter for this year is pretty much done, I might just add a few more acessories. I also wanted get some yummy Pan De Muerto, I passed by the bakery down the way but they ran out of it till tomorrow.
Dia De Los Muertos is Nov 1 and Nov 2

Shout outs to all the family and loved ones that passed represented on my alter

Grandmother: Isabel

Grandfather: Agustin

Grandmother(moms side)

Maria De Los Angeles

Great grandfather: Antonio

Great grandmother :Maria

Relatives (second uncle)
Pedro Correa

Great Aunt
Elena Jimenez Sandoval

Francisco " Pancho" Esparza
Gilbert Rodriguez

Not pictured
Seferino " Bubba" Rosales

My beloved dog "Negra"


GraffSoul said...

Very beautiful alter! Reminded me of my trip to el D.F..back in 04'. Loving the 'conchas', makes me want to drink 'chocolate de la abuelita' taking a mordida from that 'concha'...NICE!! Very creative....

El Random Hero said...

Spectacular altar Junta, I think your loved ones would be proud of you for making it and honoring them. I especially love that you included your dog negra.