Sunday, October 19, 2008


A few weeks ago some friends and I went on a mini road trip,we left LA Friday night around 7pm and drove about three hours down south. We got a little tired so decided to look for a place to sleep for the night.
We did not want to spend too much money so we stopped at this cheap motel in the town of Niland Ca, this town is super tiny and mostly unknown, but I love going to random towns in CA, it is such a big change sometimes compared to LA.

The room cost us $35 and split between three girls it was a deal!
The room was ok it was clean, there where a few spiders that freaked me out but then again it was a cheap Motel.

I couldn't help roaming around in the morning, the town was still asleep so I took a few pictures.
I seemed like there might of been people that rent the rooms on a weekly basis or live there because there was furniture outside some of the rooms.

I hope they do recycle all these cans, this pile was located in the side of the building.

Next door to hotel there was an some kind of trailer park.

This was the back of the Motel, it had a cool looking abandoned yard.

Once we left I noticed this wall full of some pretty funny graffiti. It looks like a bad attempt at Old English lettering. I think it says " Frosc and Yoli or Yogi" and under it it says always and forever, ahhh they are so in love!

(sidenote) it was brough to my attention it actually says "Alway and Forever" ha!

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EL CHAVO! said...

Actually, it says "Alway" and forever, with swirly E's, so it's even funnier!

Doña Junta♥ said...

ha ha good eye!

Graffsoul said...

Nice pics of the sun rise...

tonan said...

Awsome..The pics are SO ghostly!

Los Angeles Times said...

Looks like a ghost town.