Monday, January 5, 2009

Adventures around Wilmas

Wilmington Ca a port town, an industrial playground a forgotten concert flatland. The town has not changed too much over the years, it has kept much of it's raw grittiness over time. Wilmas has gotten a little safer and cleaner but it still holds much of it's historical value. Art stays up a little longer and it can sometimes make you feel like a throwback to a different era. I displayed various posts on this overlooked area portraying much of it's old style charm. The area reminds me somewhat of downtown LA 12 years ago and beyond. This was before downtown was so gentrified and the walls and alleys held glorious destruction. Wilmington might not have lofts and luxury penthouses but it has a sense of lonely realness.
This dive bar is a great place, cheap beer, open patio, no hip crowds, and cool bands playing on the weekends. It dates back to the 1940's and you can also spot old cement scribbles inside the bar dating to that time. It is nicely hidden behind rusty corrugated fences. The sign shines just like it's printed meaning " Stars in The Sky" which is named after the owner's initials "Sis" a cool gal indeed.

The fence next door is a bunch of old parts from a boat and pier all tied together to make a really awesome way to keep people out. It reeks history.
The sky lights up at night
The bands rock on
A look down Avalon St you see Guy Nelson Chiropractor and Hotel Del Mar with whoa! Color T.V that used to be exciting at one time.

Across the street is Union Electric Tattoo they got a nice vintage neon glow going there.

Left alone
" Be Not Drunk With Wine But Be Filled With The Spirit" this sign names sense there is about six other dive bars and a few liquor stores within a few blocks. So I am very sure they knew this would be a perfect spot to paint this sign. Pinches winos!
Not to far down the way art work shadows over walls.

Wilmington also displays nice features like the Banning House and well kept Victorian and Spanish style homes.
Photo from Flickr

More great photos of Wilmington and San Pedro soon. There is so much to see in this part of Los Angeles the fresh ocean air, the foggy mist and mysterious charm bring out the best in these towns.


jenn said...

I love the post...Wilmas my home town

Anonymous said...

what happen to all the old mirrors in wilmington?
the cruisen stories when Avalon use to be a boulevard and we didn't have to go all the way to whittier boulevard! As a matter of fact there is even a song about Avalon boulevard and there wasthe red berades? There is alot more history then we know about wilmas.

Dona Junta said...

yup there is so much more history about both Wilmington and San Pedro. I will be trying to post bits and peices as I go along. If you like to share pictures or stories let me know I will post them here Thanks!

EL CHAVO! said...

Great post as usual DJ! I love that boat/pier fence, very nice.