Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is your commute?

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The beginning of February I will be relocating, everything is fine but now I will have a longer commute on the freeway. I work in Torrance and right now my commute is about 27 min with traffic coming from San Pedro. Now San Pedro is only two towns away from Torrance but it takes a little longer because there is so much school traffic in the morning and I am taking the streets. According to Google directions my commute to Torrance should only be about 17 min and it is 6 miles away. I take short cuts everyday to work and it is still about 27 or so minutes. The only time it is about 17 min is when there is holidays and school is out or people have the day off. Now I soon will be traveling to Torrance from downtown LA on the 110 S. According to Google it is 22.3 miles and it will be about 33 min. Now I know that really means about 45 min's with traffic. The 110 south is not as bad in the morning then the 110 north but still. It is going to be a real commute compared to what I do now. I have a buddy who works with me that lives in Highland Park who says he makes it to work in about 30 min. The sucky part will be going home at 5 p.m there is a lot of traffic still on the 110 north, not as bad in this case then the 110 south. I might have to just hang out in San Pedro until it gets later lol. I don't look forward to miles on my car but oh well lucky the gas is cheap for now. It really sucks that there are no trains that even go near Torrance in that case I would be able to at least park and ride. Now until I find a job in LA (won't happen anytime soon) I will have to travel. I really am going against traffic both ways but with the mass amount of cars nowadays that don't even matter sometimes.

So now I am curious since I will soon be driving 44 miles (round trip) and be on the road about 30 to 45 min(one way) , I was wondering what kind of commutes do you all have? How many miles do you travel to work? how long does it take? weather it's short or long let me know. I look forward to feedback =)


Anonymous said...

Orale, since I don't have a steady job, I can't talk about a commute... I also don't know how to drive, so yeah... when I was a mariachi in L.A. we would not commute for more than an hour one way, especially when gas went up.

My dad commutes from South Gate to Compton (about an 8 mile drive). When he goes to work (between 4 and 5 a.m.) it's fifteen minutes tops. Afternoon, though, it becomes a thirty to forty-five minute ordeal.

Hopefully you find a way to cut down on the travel time between home and work!

El Random Hero said...

It sounds to me like your becoming a slave to society and turning into a mindless robot working 9-5 for the man. Is that what you want malandrina ? you better not because I will kick your ass lol jk. But yeah that sucks having to drive that much, but at least you'll be in downtown and closer to the parties right ?
As for my commute, I give myself an hour to go anywhere whether it's work or school. Sometimes I skate home from school cause it's only three miles and it's mostly down hill. It takes me about half an hour. Skating from East los to Downtown is about the same and it takes about the same amount of time. Skating is my only form of excersice hahah

Dona Junta said...

No that's the last thing I want is to become a mindless robot who works 9-5 but for now since I am in school you know the deal lol..fuck working but we have to make money somehow. I can't live the hippy/punk rock lifestyle even if I wanted to but I budget myself pretty well. It just sucks that I will drive but like I said earlier there is no dam train near-by that I can use for a park and ride and it takes like 5 buses to get to my job, fuck that I am not trying to wake up at 4 am either.

onetenten said...

A 15 minute walk... very nice!

El Random Hero said...

yeah that hippy life isn't all it's all cracked up to be, that's why they're always high, so they can forget how poor and shity they live hahahah. We both won't be having these problems once we become kick ass reporters getting paid to travel hahaha

MakeOne, The Love Man said...

dang girl...I used to live in Eagle Rock Hills and also Glassel Park and my commute was all the way to Century City and at one point to Santa Monica but at that time I did not mind, or thought i did not, cause my salary was pretty hella good. But in retrospect that was roughly 2 hrs to 2.5 hours a day (to and fro) I spent on the road!!! not including the 8-12 hours i spent at work (UGH!!)

I then got relocated to DTLA, since our office moved, and I myself also moved to mid-wilshire area and my commute became 15 minutes to work and 15 min back. SWEEEEET!

I was then asked to relocate to CC and when I thought of the commute I decided to quit, walk out. I couldn't even begin to fathom taking those commutes again everyday and like random hero said - become once again a slave and a work robot no matter how much money I was making.

My commute now is often from my bed to my pc (LOL) and I love it. I do sometimes get gigs outside LA but it aint bad like everyday.

In my newly acquired form of work, I do not have the "steady income" one is so accustomed to but I am pretty happy. It is almost living the "hippy/punk rock lifestyle" but consider more the "artist/punk rock style" - It can be rough and it may not be all cracked up to be but it is what it is and I choose to do it. right? LOL - I am happy though

anyhow - enjoy your commute and like said above - at least you will be closer to the Makester which in essence is a plus overall to this whole matter. *wink wink*


Dona Junta said...

well it sounds like you all are so lucky to be near your jobs! that is great and I am hoping once the economy gets better ha! I can find a job closer to home.

graffsoul83 said...

Well, Im born and raised in the beautiful city of downtown LA. Ive always worked in the surrounding areas. But for people that commute miles and miles away i ask myself, "how do they do it?" Before you found all these hipsters riding bikes, I had already been riding even before! I was making it to work in about 4 minutes. So what im trying to say is, honestly, sucks to be you!! No offense. But you got to see it the positive way, i mean, you get to live in downtown where you can walk and explore forgotten cities and streets that people from out of town wouldnt dare to walk thru! ITS ALL GOING TO BE OK!!!

cindylu said...

School/work is the same place. Google Maps says my route is 4.8 miles. I drive the first 2.5 or so and park. I take the bus the rest of the way so I don't have to worry about paying $9/day for parking. The whole trip takes me about 30-40 minutes from point A to point B. I take the Big Blue Bus because it's subsidized for students (25 cents per ride).

Doña Junta said...

Well people if anybody is reading let me update you on my commute so far. I been doing it for the past 3 days. I decided to wake up early on Monday since I was not sure what to expect. I woke up at 6 a.m was ready by 7 a.m. I left at 7:05 a.m the drive was pretty quick maybe like 25 min. I got to work way to early i was sitting in the parking lot by 7:45 and I go in at 8:30. I never ever been there that early maybe like my first day on the job but aiside that i was rolling in around 8:28 a.m. So on Tuesday I woke up at 6:30 am got ready and was out by 7:30. I am lucky the freeway is like 2 min away on Fig and 3rd St. I got to my job around 8:11 a.m so still pretty early. The drive has been fast so far with minimal stalling. I make sure to listen to the traffic report in the morning in order to avoid any mess. So yeah folks so far it aright. Now going home I have not gone straight home. I have been stopping by the old house to pick of small things and eat lol...luckly it is close to work.

Javi said...

27 years and still counting, I commute from Boyle Heights/City Terrace to El Segundo. I guess that makes me a "creature of habit"?