Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creepy House

There is this abandoned house down the street from me off Lucas Ave and what split's into Beverly and 2nd Street. I looks like it has been neglected for many year's. I am not sure how long it's been abandoned , or why nobody has bothered to touch it. The only attention it has gotten is from people catching spots (tags) on it. It is one of the few old houses left on Lucas Street since the new apartment complexes have gone up in the past five year's. The original state of the area is mostly long gone but a few still stand. A few year's ago there was a big hype about a 93-year-old man names Bob Pramenko who refused to sell his 1910 Craft man style home on Lucas Ave. It was said he got offered up to $700.000 to move but refused to budge until he passed away last year. He had a lot of pride and certainly loved his history and home. After he passed away the bank got the house and the property was recently sold to Essex property who owns the Belmont Station Apt Complex. Honestly it is kind of a shame that now there it is all apartments around here with a few scattered houses which look out of place now between the huge apartments. I used to come to the area when the Belmont Tunnel Graffiti pit was cracken and seen how the area changed quickly. I guess it is all just memories for some. I asked a friend who grew up in near-by Echo Park about the house and he said it has been tagged on and abandoned since he could remember. If anybody knows something about this house I would like to know. The closest address I could find on Google was 108 Lucas Ave.

This looks like the front of the house facing 2nd St along the 1st/Beverly bridge but there is no entrace in this part since it is on a steep hill. The staircase below leads up to the side of the house off Lucas Ave.

The staircase is overgrown with weeds and mud.

My homie is being silly in the picture


MakeOne, The Love Man said...

This house is simply awesome. As far as i can remember, and I am talking at least 20 years, I have never seen it habited with the exception of maybe some squatters here and there. . I believe the house makes a cameo appearance in the movie COLORS

I also believe it was part of the houses that ran along the parts of the alley that ran up from Belmont Tunnel

I hope it remains for more years.

Licha Lokes! said...

That house is beautiful!!! Fuck I want it!!!

chimatli said...

OMG, move in! Squat or rot! It looks like something from Louisiana.

GRAFFSOUL83 said...

I agree with the gentleman MAKEONE on how long that house has been standing there. The house has been there for about 27 yrs as it was mentioned on KCET's "THINGS THAT WHERE HERE." And yes, this house was also featured on the movie COLORS. It was used in the mid- to late 90's by heroin and crack users. At one point, it became a graffiti yard for artist who came to paint or just to simply hang out and smoke some herb. If i could remember clearly, the house has 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, a living room and a room that was probably used as a office or small library.

Hopefully it will remain untouch from this KIDS that come from out of town and want to paint and BURN spots...

Anonymous said...

Back in 1977 We used to have ditching parties there.
empty except for beer / wine bottles