Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Wilmington finally changing?

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from photobucket..Wilmington " Heart Of the Harbor"

It was a trip when I ran into this recent LA Times article about Wilmington looking into a greener future. I have blogged about Wilmington many times before and how it has been a forgotten town with history. Apparently there are people who are working hard to change that by getting the attention from city hall. There is plans for a park near the port , and a new waterfront project is in the works, much like the waterfront revitalization in San Pedro. A "Green Technology Center" is also proposed and other things of that nature. I mostly displayed post's on here showing the rawness and grittiness of Wilmington. It points out in the story that interesting and familiar views of Wilmington.

"To outsiders who know Wilmington only as a no-man's land of industrial blight and air pollution, that kind of talk might sound preposterous"

They also mention planting more trees even in areas that I did not even like going to like " Ghost Town" which was always known for violence. Last year they raided Ghost Town's East side Pain gang known for their crack trade in the area.

The trippy part was the tea shop that just opened up in the area, now that is really a change. The place is called "Ortiz Hojas Premium Tea House". I would never expect that, all could say is "wow" Wilmington will be looking up. Now am I worried about gentrification? not at this point I see the good things happening for the gente that live in the area, not for other people to push them out. Now will I miss junk yards and abandoned lots? yes I will but I think that there is plenty of that still for a long time. I can't hate on the people trying to make Wilmington better it does deserve some kindness. I think I am going to have to pay a visit to that tea shop and check it out maybe I will do a post about it later.

Here are blog posts displaying images of Wilmington.


suny said...

Oh no!! what going to happen to EL Pulpo junk yard. Thats my Dad's spot!

El Editor de LatinoLA said...

I was raised in Wilmington and lived there until I moved over to the SGValley to be closer to work. My heart and soul live in Wilmas (East Side, y que?). I am happy that these positive changes are happening in the heart of the harbor, which has seen its ups and down throughout the years. Big ups to the entrepreneurs who are bringing interesting services and products to community, the residents who have hung in there for so many years (including my mom, dad, brothers, sister and in-laws) and to the b-crats who are finally doing something positive to make the community mucho mejor.

Jenn said...

I was raised in Wilmas and I still live in Wilmas, and trip on this I live 4 houses down from my mom and dad on the same block that I grew up on. I have seen Wilmington go through alot of changes. Some good, some bad. I have noticed recently that they are really trying to clean it up. Alot of people that don't live in Wilmington, see it as the Ghetto...but its not, its very charming in its own way. I guess I am partial to Wilmington because I've lived here all my life. Hopefully when all these changes are made, Wilmington will be viewed differently...Wilmington is the Heart of the Harbor....

Dona Junta said...

@ Suny yup gotta love the million yonkes Wilmas has lol

@ El Editor and Jenn

Thanks for the comments, it is always good to hear the perspectives of people who grew up in the area and seen the much needed changes. I did not live there but it felt like I did being I was there a lot from when I was younger till now. I will keep everyone updated with the latest news and my documentation of Wilmington.