Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ralph's downtown and my coupon's

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My friend and I went grocery shopping last night at the Ralph's in downtown; we had spent Sunday night clipping coupons so we decided to use our coupons there since they double coupons still up to a certain amount. Well the downtown Ralph's is really nice and new, the selections are more gourmet and the "Fresh Fare" theme means it is more upscale targeting a different demographic (hence higher prices). But we decided to go anyway and use our coupons and only buy stuff on sale. As we browsed some of the isles we noticed that even the sale items weren’t that great of a savings. I was not sure how their double coupon program worked there since it had changed,so I decided to ask the customer service desk. There where two what looked like GM clerks setting prices I asked them how their double coupon thing worked, but they had no idea. One girl then spotted the manager and asked him about it. The manager was a young Hispanic guy with a shaved head you could see tattoos on his neck and arms under his white coller shirt. He looked like he could of been some gangster but it seemed more to me like he was just a LA guy who was trying making the "gangster look" cool and was tatted down like most people . He was nice and professional but he said that they don't double coupons, which got me annoyed. I told him the other Ralph's do double coupons. He said they did not there but he seemed confused about it as well. I told him dang this Ralph's is really tying to be all bougie. He just laughed. I guess they are not used to people really bothering with a coupon who knows. There is a Ralph's by my job in Lomita with a big banner that says " Double Coupons Everyday" I should have expected that from that Ralph's but I did not think they would not know anything about coupons. We kind of got annoyed at the high prices. We found a couple of good deals like on Ralph's brand bagged and sandwich cheese and toothbrushes in which we used one coupon we had at face value but that's it. We just decided to go randomly and look for only the sale deals that you can't pass by but as far as a full grocery cart we are heading elsewhere. We headed to Food 4 Less and tomorrow we are going to the 99 cent store. During these times you got to be smart about your shopping. It was shocking at some of the prices at that Ralph's. I worked at Vons when I was younger and the savings I got from using coupons was wonderful! This was back in 2000 thru 2004 when the prices where cheaper and they doubled coupons. I would get the best deals, now I gone to Vons and it is expensive and they don't double coupons. I had to give up going there even though I felt at home there.When I got home I went on the website and signed up to get the weekly ad emailed to me. I also noticed there was a Ralph’s not much further to us on Third St and Vermont. I think I am going to start going to that one because I know it will be much cheaper then the downtown one. I also like going to all the smaller chain Hispanic grocery stores for their cheaper prices but it does mean going to a couple different stores to do your shopping. Again times are rough and we got to be smart to survive.

Does anybody have money saving shopping tips to share?


El Random Hero said...

hahah I've been to that ralphs too and I feel weird whenever I'm in there, like I'm unwanted and I'm going to shoplift or something, but that's just me. But I'm not surprised that they wouldn't take any coupons, but do they still take the ralphs card ?

I know my mom use to bust out with the coupons tambien hahah I liked it because I would get to read the sunday newspaper and they would get their coupons, everyone got something haha. But I think you're going to have to stick to stores that cater to la raza, even though stupid racism at stores is like that. No coupons means that certain people won't shop there, the kind of people that will make the store and neighborhood look bad. Know what I mean ?

As for shopping tips, I think you should always have someone go with you because it'll be less of a hassle and they can keep you in check when you wanna buy something you don't need, like a box of donuts hahah. One thing I do is buy alot of sandwhich type foods like hamon, eggs, pb&J stuff like that. I don't really know how to cook so I would buy frozen meals that are like 10 for $10 but that's not healthy. Also buying in bulk pays of in the long run especially when there's more people in the house. I loved shopping at costco because I would literaly buy enough food for 6 people for the whole month. Look into a costco, you can buy enough food to last the entire month.

you know who said...

We got to check out Grand Central Market.... apparently they have good prices on produce. Also there is this seaood spot on San Pedro and 6th that has FRESH seafood and you can buy it already cooked and eat it there. The price for cooked food was decent (except the beer)but im not sure about the raw stuff. We need to investigate but it looked really good.Maybe he is right we chould join costco!

Dona Junta said...

They do still take the Ralph's card and they do take coupon's but they just don't double them like the other store's. Yeah when we went to Food 4 Less we felt more at home lol...even though I did not really shop at Food 4 Less before. I was so used to Vons and I will miss going to the Von's In San Pedro. Yeah trip because I lived in San Pedro Most of my life and I never really took atvantage of the seafood there which is dumb because it is fresh.but my mother in law's hubby is a fisherman near Port o Call in Pedro and he always brings back fresh fish to cook ceviche and all that good stuff.

graffsoul83 said...


MakeOne, The Love Man said...

Pues mira - Doble Cupones has been in issue at Ralph's for a while. There was this whole thing when Ralph's announced, shortly after Von's announced too that they will no longer accept double coupons. -

So Ralph's switched it around and agreed to still double up on their cupones but only up to an amount or on certain items. I still think the double coupons things is a gimmick. but that's just me

In realidad - when you figure it out, you pay the high prices anyhow - you will still end up paying a grip load of money for over-waxed-up fruits, exaggerated pricing on exotic fruits and items on sale that perhaps you don't need and yet you still buy cuzz you think - "Ey, esta bien el precio que no?"

Don't believe the hype - Von's (one on 3rd and vermont too) is your better bet. Specially after using your Von's card. their items are always reasonably priced and of better quality as well. The Vons brand is better than the Ralph's Brand too -

Food For Less is good too. The prices are consistent and reasonable. Just usually out of the way for some...

Grand Central Market is a scam...they have all the good fruit and meat during the week, when the business type gente go eat and shop and put out the week old casi podrido fruit and items that did not sell on the weekends when la gente have time to go and wanta go and stuff...I say a la chingada with GCM...unless you go during the week.

CostCo is good for some shizzle. depends if you have a big household and are damn certain that excessive amount of food purchase will be eaten. I have toiletries, paper towels, detergent and stuff que compre casi hace un ano and it's there man - just almost in my way cuzz my apt is damn small. If you have the room then CostCo is your bet. Shit - I use a pack of 46 rolls of toilet paper as one of my seats. serio!!

Ranch Market is always good. just gotta find one by your hood.

99cent stores just good for some stuff - but some things are just worth paying the extra bucks cuzz in the long run - you will spend the same amount of money cuzz some shit is just plain cheap there.

anyhow- you just gotta find your angle...find out when the deals are at every store and make it an effort to go during those times.

frutas? your neghborhood raza store is good. paper towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, toothbrushes, deodorants and stuff like that TARGET baby - you get a decent amount for good pricing and still have room in your pad for other shizzle. You can even find some groceries there too. CVS is good if in jam

basically - it is unfortunate you may have to drive here and there and there and here for this and that but like you said - time are just have to play the game. but always consider the time and gas as well...remember time is money and gas aint cheap either.

i'm out...oh and I like my little trokita that parks around the corner from my house...they have bomb and good groceries.

oh oh and since your near 3rd and vermont - you can go a little further south to el liborio or there is also this other on near olympic with a crazy indian name - now that market is the shizzle. I will get back at you with t hat nombre

Brian said...

We live above the Ralphs you are talking about which is can be incredibly convenient if you are loaded. If you are an average family like us than you will go broke shopping there.

I will head down to pick up something in a pinch, and we regularly buy milk or the other odd thing there but for us it's worth the trip to Fresh and Easy to shop.

There was a sign up about not doubling coupons back when but I don't know if it's still around.

Dona Junta said...

I decided to check out the Ralph's by my job and it was much cheaper!the double coupon thing is that it only double's up to one dollar. So if the coupon is $ 1.00 then it do not double, if the coupon is 50 cents then it double's to $1.00 so nothing past $1.00 basically. Before at Von's it was double what ever the coupon was if it was $1.00 off then it would be $ 2.00 off that was the good old days!

K said...

Hey, I came across your blog looking for couponing blogs for SoCal since I'm here in Long Beach. I just thought I'd let you know that you can get a lot of free stuff at Walgreens and CVS when you take advantage of their programs along with coupons. Check out and for more info. Be careful tho, couponing and getting free stuff is addictive!