Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Great Collaborations: Sat Jan 31th 2009

This Saturday two inspirational artist unite. Chaz Bojorquez an old school legend will be celebrating 40 years of being involved in the graffiti game with his known cholo style arte. He is also proudly celebrating his 60th birthday. Chaz is a pioneer with Los Angeles spray can arte. He started spraying his placasos in the 1960's.

Gregory Bojorquez runs Mug Shot Photography is an LA photographer that captures the rawness in his photos. This show titled “ The Sun Raises in The East” features images of life on the Eastside of the River or better known as East LA.

January 31, 2009
7-10 p.m
530 South Hewitt Street # 141
Los Angeles Ca 90013
(Show runs till Feb 15)


Anonymous said...

I've been wandering through your blog this evening. It's like shifting through a box with all sorts of interesting things.

dona junta said...

Thanks, I am pretty random anything of interest to me I like to share.