Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hood!

"Tales from 14th Street" Is a look back at childhood days living in San Pedro California. I will share the fun and not so fun adventures of living in the hood during the 80's and early 90's. If anybody grew up in this area during that time please email or comment anytime and share your stories or thoughts.

14th & Palos Verdes St posse in San Pedro

Funny picture I found of the street mocosos of my bothers generation. He is the one with the three jersey in the front, it looks like he is about six years old here. He is 33 now so this must of been early to mid 80's.

The kid with the red T-Shirt in the back was Oscar Barrientos he is dead now. He got shot when we still lived in the area. I was about ten years old at the time. He had later on joined a gang and had gone to jail for a bit. He was out no longer then a couple of weeks when rival gang members shot him in the middle of the night while he slept. I guess they somehow knew he slept on the living room couch and crept right to the window and pulled the trigger. The shot him directly in the head. I can still remember clearly the shock the neighborhood was in the next morining, you could hear his mother scream from down the block. He was 18 years old when he passed still a young kid. That was the early 90's when shit was cracken with gang activity at it's fullest, it seemed to be all that was around us at the time.

One of my aunts still lives in the same vecindad we lived so whenever we go visit her it's like being back in our childhood days. I taken pictures before of the area and will soon be putting them up on upcoming posts.


MakeOne, The Love Man said...

Sucks to have died at such a young age. Like the picture though!

tonan said...

Damn.. that's intense....