Monday, November 16, 2009

Slang Words of the Generations

Did you ever wonder how long some of the slang words we say been around? Over the years we used and re-used words that we don't realize have a long history. I know with our generation there are plenty of slang terms that will be probably still used fifty years from now. While interviewing Jesse Marquez for our Wilmington documentary he was telling us some of the words he used back in the 1940s' and 1950's. Jesse composed a nice list of slang terms that his generation used in Wilmington. Most of the words are common cholo slang still used till this day and some I never heard of. It is interesting that some words we heard all all lives are over 50 years old.

  Slang Word                                       Meaning      

Tando                                                     Hat

Visa                                                        Hand

Lisa                                                        Shirt   

Stramos                                                 Pants

Wisa                                                       Girl

Heina                                                      Wife

Vato                                                        Guy

Ficha                                                      Money

Calcos                                                    Shoes

Ranfla                                                     Car

Vendoga                                                Beer

Jura                                                         Police

Leño                                                       Joint

Fragho                                                   Cigarette

Haule                                                     Job

Jefe                                                        Father

Jefa                                                        Mother

Carnal                                                    Brother

Carnala                                                 Sister

Fila                                                        Knife

Quette                                                   Gun

Nel                                                        No

Esa                                                       Her

Ese                                                       Him

Vorlote                                                 Dance/Party

Pisto                                                     Liqour

Chante                                                  Home

Lida                                                      Guitar

Trachui                                                  Top Coat

Refinar                                                   Eat

Grass                                                     Marijuana


    What slang words old or new do you like using? 
    What words would you like to bring back? 


    La Doña Junta


    Refried Dreamer said...

    Hubby still uses some of those words... they come out alot more after a few beers and hanging with the guys. I'll pay more attention when they're talking and add some more to your list!

    MakeOne, The Love Man said...

    Thanks for the list of slang words. This is dope

    Anonymous said...

    Can't forget: