Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Sound Sculpture by Arnoldo Vargas

Arnoldo is a Wilmington resident and also helps with projects at the  Slangauage studio. He is currently a photography teacher at Banning High School and also working on his Masters degree at Cal Arts.

I Though this  "Sound  Sculpture" was one of a kind because it is not what most people think of when they think sculpture, but who can really define what a sculpture is anyway?
When listening and looking at the sculpture it takes your imagination back to maybe the 80's or 90's before people had i pods in their cars and big boxy speakers where the shit.
Most of the songs that are played from this sculpture were popular songs at the time and bring back memories of  a back-yard party or kick-back. Or for some cruising down the street in a tricked out ride or even bucket!

Video documentation of Installation sound sculpture by Arnoldo Vargas at Cal Arts Mid-Residency Show 2009

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