Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swapmeet Chronicles Features: 4BITZ

 Check out the 4BITZ tonight at " Brutalism A dance Performance"  This is the final installment of the Slanguage residency don't miss out!

"4BITZ" is a experimental dubstep group comprised of three members Dj Ghetto ( Carlos Mendoza ) Dj Subdin ( Jason Manzaneres ) and Enuf Talk (Edson Vizcarra) "4BITZ" brings the dupstep sounds to a live forum where drum machines, sequencers and sintisizers are manipulated and distorted with persision to produce head splitting bass lines, glitchy drums and reggae riddims in a futuristic soundboy stylee that will blow your mind... The crew met threw mutual friends and the love to produce dubstep music both in the studio and live although each members style is very different from the next the the complete whole creativeness is captured In the soundscape..
Carlos Mendoza ..

Join SLANGUAGE for...

featuring Dub City Tribe, Slanguage's very own teen break-dance group!

THURSDAY, NOV. 5th, 7-10pm
FREE + Cash Bar
After Party @

371 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

[Look for the Pacman ghost light...]

See you there...

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Update!! check out these videos of 4bitz at Brutalism

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