Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Look Back at the " Projects"

I found this vintage collection of photographs from  Housing Authority of Los Angeles Photograph Collection  of some of the public housing in Los Angeles in its early days.
Some structures were originally intended to house family of WWII workers and then later became low income housing. Other structures like the Nickerson Gardens were built specifically to help low income families get on their feet.

 In Los Angeles county today there is only about 14 housing projects left.  Over the years public housing has gotten a bad reputation because some of the crime and violence that has came from the sites.
Things have gotten better in some projects, but there are others that continue to stay dangerous.
Most of the issues have to with poverty, drugs and gangs in which many claim the projects as their territory.
I have known and have family who live in the Rancho San Pedro Housing Projects, they have told me that things are much better then they were ten years ago. Before they would see crack heads and gang members wondering through the yards, today crime is down and it has gotten more peaceful.  
The public housing that did get out of control got  torn down and rebuilt with new apartments or town homes nothing like before.  

Below is a brief photographic history of some of Los Angeles Housing. 

Dana Strand Projects Wilmington torn down in 2002.

 The Harbor City Projects or known as Normont Terrance were also torn down around 1996.

Photo of Aliso Village in 1941.

Aliso Village Projects Lincoln Heights torn down in 2000.

Jordon Down Projects 1950s.

Family  receiving keys to new housing unit 1940s.

William Nickerson J.r. at grand opening of Nickerson Gardens.

Estrada Courts 1941  

     Pico Gardens 1940s  4th St in Los Angeles

                              Women hanging clothes at William Mead Housing 

 Pueblo Del Rio Projects during construction 1942.
Location 1801 E. 53rd St.
Los Angeles Times recently did an article about these projects.
I recently dropped off a friend there, and it really reminded me of how the Rancho San Pedro projects used to be.

 Site of the future Imperial Courts Projects 1940s

Rancho San Pedro Projects 1940s


Public Housing Brochure


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