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Classic San Pedro Liquor Store Blog Back!

 It has been a three years since my first blog posts over on My Space, how outdated does that sound! I been meaning to bring the San Pedro Liquor store series to my blog, but had not made an effort to do so. Today is the day I bring my first blog postings to Swapmeet Chronicles. So why Liquor stores? Well I am not some crazy alcoholic ranting about about were I buy my booze, but I basically wanted to feature places I grew up around living in San Pedro. I get that Liquor stores don't have the greatest reputation, but they are so common yet often overlooked historically. Yes, we get booze and snacks from these places, but look beyond that.  Here is a look on popular liquor stores in San Pedro I am keeping original text (italics), but also adding new information.

 Original Text on the My Space Blog.....

What's up people I wanted to start this photo blog on classic Pedro Liquor stores because in a way it is a part of living in the hood. My intention was not necessarily to promote drinking, but to think about the reasons why we gone and still go to liquor stores. As kids those were the spots to get out candy, ice cream, and hot Cheetos. the Liquor stores or tienditas were the spot we did not care why adults went there all we knew it that we can buy a Lucas, saladitos, blow pops, and gum for a few bux. As we got older it was the spot to get an old pysa to buy you some Magnum,Mickeys, 211’s  you name it  or a even bottle of Cisco!!. When we turned 21 we were able to finally stop and get beer on you're own. Especially on those times we want to get faded before we go into the party or bar in order to avoid buying expensive drinks. Whatever the reason we shop at a teindita  or liquor store its part of our culture, and growing up.  Now the reason why they are only placed in the hood is a whole different blog!!  Anyhow Pedro heads give me some feed back on your Liquor store spots I will be adding more along the way peace.

Kings Liquor and Deli this joint on the corner of Santa Cruz and Pacific this looks like it been here over 30 years or the owners are fairly recent and pretty rude hidden behind thick bullet proof glass, apparently it used to house a Deli but as long as known about it i never seen it it must of died with the era.The classic neon signs still glows bright at night not sure if the owners live upstairs i wouldn't doubt it though,this place stays open till 11pm.

Kings Liquor  and Deli. Year structure was built 1925

Newspaper clipping of Kings Liquor circa 1989, gang violence was high during those times along with gang graffiti.

King's Liquor Store 
145 North Pacific Avenue, 
San Pedro, CA 90731-2037
(310) 548-1995
Jalisco Meat Market. Year Built: 1924

Jalisco Meat market this Gem lays on Sepulveda and Pacific it has gone through a few different owners been there as long as I can remember it has a Carneceria inside good variety of candy and slushy.There is a run down hotel above it called Barton Hill Hotel. 

Jalisco Market 
248 North Pacific Avenue,
San Pedro, CA 90731-2016
 (310) 547-2366

Mundo  Liquor: Structure built 1927

Mundo's located on 2nd and Pacific this is a popular spot for all the project homies, they are not original owners, but the current owners been around a good while. There used to be an old painting of a man holding a globe about 15 years (reason it was called mundos Spanish for world) ago now it kind of lost its color,  good spot friendly staff , no bullet proof glass here,check cashing, closes early around 9pm.

Mundo Liquor 
140 South Pacific Avenue, 
San Pedro, CA 90731-2608
 (310) 831-0205
 7 Days Food Store: Structure built 1923

7 Days Store located on the corner of 7th and Centre. This place been here a long time except for the fact that it got renamed and renovated many times. I forget what it used to be called,but it also housed those mysterious deli's I have never seen. It used to have thick bullet proof glass back in the early 90s, and I heard it has gotten robbed a good number of times. I believe one of the clerks got killed if I recall. Since that part of Pedro is changing with the construction of the new lofts and gentrification of the area it is much safe. This one closes pretty late I believe around 2am.

7 Days Food Store
304 W 7th St
San Pedro, CA 90731
  • (310) 732-1303 
Old article on this liquor store. 
Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA) - Monday, November 26, 1984
A San Pedro man was seriously wounded Sunday night when he was shot by police officers moments after a bar and liquor store were robbed, Los Angeles police said.

Ramiro Juarez, 19, was in serious but stable condition today at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He was to undergo surgery this morning.

LAPD spokesman Lt. Charles Higbie said a man armed with a sawed-off shotgun entered Al's Cove, 305 W. Seventh St., shortly after 9 p.m. and robbed the bartender and several patrons of an undetermined amount of cash.

About a dozen people were in the bar at the time.

The gunman then ran across the street to A & H Liquors , 304 W. Seventh St., and robbed the owner there of an undetermined amount of cash, Higbie said. Owner Paul Chun said approximately $300 was taken.

By that time, two officers responding to a call from the bar had arrived and spotted Juarez fleeing around the corner to the rear of the bar.

"He pointed the shotgun in their direction and both officers opened fire," Higbie said, adding he didn't know how many rounds hit the suspect.

Juarez's shotgun was found to be empty, Higbie said./////////

That is it for now I will add part two next week and hopefully finish the series there is still a lot  stores I need to document.  Pedro heads give me some feedback even if you already did on the old blog.



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Indiana Liquor Store owner said...

As an owner of a liquor store, I appreciate that someone finally gives some value to the business. Liquor stores have such a bad rap as being "not good for the community". It is nice to see someone talk about them in a good light.