Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mom's Burgers: Compton

With the uprising of commercial restaurants and fast-food joints, it is hard to find a genuine mom and pop owned food establishment. I went on a mission to try and find some of these spots in the Hub City and discovered some friendly faces and good eats.

Over the years unfortunately Compton grew a bad reputation in regards to crime and violence, the media and politics also placed a negative image of Compton, always giving it a bad name. I also been guilty of thinking that of Compton, but once I started frequent the area, I got a new found  love for Compton. I wanted to discover the shiny stone behind all the dust, uncover the good under the years of negativity.
In the last few years things have gotten better, and people are showing more care appreciation for their city.

Mom's Burgers

This place caught my eye mostly because of the classic "hamburger stand architecture" you see in movies. I had been driving bye for a few weeks, and decided to finally check it out. The stand has plenty of parking, let me tell you! it is not a big building, but it sits on a roomy lot. I was greeted by Jackie Mc Laurin who is the current owner along with her husband Donald Mc Laurin. They were immediately really friendly, they explained to me that is was a family run business and they been operating for 33 years, now that is what am talking about! this place was passed down to the family by Donald's  mother Joyce and father Willie. They had plenty of help from the family as they worked away filling orders. The menu is huge, with over a dozen different types of hamburgers, combos, and tacos there is something for everyone. Jackie told me the most popular burger is " The Chronic Burger" you need some serious appetite to scarf this one down, the Chronic Burger is a double burger patty, bacon and eggs, mustard, mayo, pickles onions, lettuce and tomato, what a treat! Munchies anyone?? lol

A family business!

While checking out the place I spotted a vintage sign in the back which was the original sign from the 1970s! it was a great find and the family hopes to one day restore it. 
I was lucky enough to receive a special treat and try out one of the burgers, I was not brave enough for the Chronic Burger so instead I tried a turkey burger. I got to say they do live up to what they told me, the burger was awesome! I am not one to eat to many burgers, but this one was definitely delicious. I really hate when burgers are dry, but this one was really juicy, and tasty. The fries were nice and crispy too.

Support this spot, def good if you are hungry and on the go. Call in orders welcome.

Special thanks to the family

Jackie McLaurin
Donald McLaurin
Ashley Dickerson
Donnie Williams 
Valarie Holyfield

Mom's Burgers

336 W Alondra Blvd
Compton, CA 90220
(310) 632-6622

Open: Monday - Saturday 11am to 5pm 
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