Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Ola everyone, I hope all my gente has a wonderful day to remember the history of our roots. I know most people think its a party day, but take the time, and remember the real history then go celebrate! Have a safe day, don't get caught up, or too drunk!



Here is a brief re-cap of last years blog post on Cinco De Mayo, read some history!

Brief recap on what Cinco de Mayo really means. Most people including our gente will often think it is Mexican Independence Day. That is in-correct. Mexican Independence Day is actually not until September 16. Cinco de Mayo 1862 was a victory over the French Army in " Batalla de Puebla" or Battle of Puebla. Mexico was in debt because of prior battles and civil war. Benito Juarez the president at the time issued what was called a moratorium, which means Mexico needed some time to freeze any payments on what they owed until they where financially ready. President Juarez requested a two year time frame. The Spanish, English and French did not like that and became angry. They all then proceeded to invade Mexico to collect. Long story short the English and Spanish settled on there side and left. The French army under the ruling of Napoleon III, wanted to take over and make Mexico a new empire. Kaos erupted, and Mexico had to defend it's self. Dressed in peasant gear unlike the fancy French, it did not stop Mexico from giving it's all. Mexico was only armed with cheap weapons like machetes,rifles and horses nothing compared to the weapons and technology of the French Army . They simply fought with determination, heart, blood, sweat and tears winning a victory over the French.

This holiday is celebrated more in the United States by Chicanos and Americans then in Mexico. Mexicans tend to celebrate Independence Day more then Cinco De Mayo


Judy said...

Hola Doña Junta!
I like your blog. Thanks for the quick history lesson. Keep up the great work! I am all about Latina women expressing themselves. If you are interested I also express myself through a blog I just started:


Doña Junta said...

Hey Judy,

Thanks for your comment! I added you're blog to my favs list on my sidebar, keep up the good work, see you soon.